Strange Occurrences In A Small Irish Village

This feature documentary is about Knock in Co. Mayo, a town built on the story of an apparition. The score was integral to the film's tone - neither believing nor disbelieving, not poking fun but at the same time underscoring the quirkiness of the place and the characters who live and work there.

The score features beautiful strings performed by Cora Venus Lunny. We also commissioned a new a cappella recording of Aisling Gheal by Iarla Ó Lionáird for the closing credits of the film - recorded by Stephen Shannon at Experimental Audio.

One Million Dubliners

A feature documentary about life and death in the iconic Glasnevin Cemetery. Myself and Ray Harman collaborated on the score for this multi-award-winning film. The director wanted a score that sounded Irish, using traditional instruments, but felt more contemporary. The music had to move between the scenes of profound perspectives on life and death, to the sadness of losing a loved one, and capture the warmth, character and dedication of the people working there and its regular visitors.

It features violin/viola performed by Ken Rice, Cello by Kevin Murphy and the closing track is sung by Diane Anglim.


WINNER Best Score
Moondance International Film Festival, Colorado, USA

This is short film about a woman who lives in a junkyard, making art from discarded artefacts as a way of dealing with a tragedy in her past. Filmed in the California desert, the director wanted a score that was wistful and childlike, but imbued with a sense of melancholy. The score features Ken Rice on violin and viola.

Granite & Chalk

I wrote the score for this short documentary about two British agents who infiltrated the ranks of those behind the 1916 rising and informed on their activities. The film tells the story with beautiful animations and archive footage from the time. The score had to be dramatic, full of suspicion and suspense.

Somebody To Love

I wrote the music for this IFTA winning RTÉ One documentary about relationships and disabilities. With sensitive themes like these, the score needed to delicately strike the right tone and capture the spirit of the brilliant characters who face challenging life circumstances with humour, positivity and determination.


Home is an award-winning short documentary about how the house we grow up in influences the rest of our lives. The score required different themes for each of the six story vignettes. I wrote them using the same palette of instruments so that, even though they each are individual pieces, there is a thematic consistency that carries across the stories.